The mystery of the words

The soul of the message and the spirit of the letter

by Jean de Galzain

Dear Friends,

Let us cultivate and use our sense of humor in front of the many traps that Destiny sets at every bend in our journey on the freeway of Life.We find most amusing all of our intellectual speculations on the state, the grade, the rank, the position, the statute ... of discipleship. As if it was an asset that we acquire as a result of continued spiritual work, somewhat like when we mature and gainincreased value as we climb the professional ladder to become Vice-President then President. The status we have, like a possession, follows a reasoning that is intellectual at best, when in fact we are dealing with a state of “being” that we attain by opening our Heart whose logic, as you know, is not of the intellectual or rational kind. Our longest and most difficult journey leads from the head to the heart.

The Elder Brothers are infinitely wiser than we are. They gave us, in the R+C Cosmo Conception, all the teachings and the method necessary for our individual training to Be a disciple and not just to have an empty status that we can vainly brag about. All we need now is to apply them to open our blind eyes. We can bend our brains till the cows come home without understanding any of it, until one day we learn to think with Our heart and feel with our head, and begin to “live” or to “understand” Love, Then everything becomes clear and reveals itself in a flash, as an illumination or the inner realization of a reality so simple and so perfect that all our doubts fade away in front of so much wisdom hidden under our own eyes blinded, until then, by Reason.

Let us pray, let us reflect, and especially, let us strive to love one another with the greatest mutual respect and the greatest patience and indulgence possible, for the beam that blinds us is enormous in comparison to the mote that obstructs the vision of our brothers and sisters we meet on a daily basis. Let us work in unity and in the Light of Universal Love and Forgiveness.

...They have eyes but do not see, ears but do not hear ......

He who loves God love his brother also ...

Love & Light

Jean de Galzain


Le mystere des mots, l’ame du message et l’esprit de la lettre







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